Monday, June 27, 2016

A Doll for Gracie

My friend, Staci from A Vintage Fairytale, blogged about these dolls that were designed by Stacy Iest Hsu for Spoonflower fabrics. I thought they were the cutest things and so I wanted to make one for my friend's baby, Gracie. The funny thing was, as I was scrolling through all of the options and found the one most like her (pigtails, cute sweater, matching kitten) I looked further and the designer had actually named the doll, Gracie!!! I thought it was meant to be :)
I finally sewed it up last week and I had a blast. I love sewing for my friends' babies. There is something magical about it for me. Maybe it is because I wish I had more of a chance to sew more darling things because I love anything that is sweet and cute.
The back of the doll had an area to fill out the recipient's name and I thought it was a great excuse to do some hand embroidery! I wish I had  more chances to incorporate quick little embroidered details such as this one. 

I gave the doll with matching kitty to Gracie and she loved it. Especially the kitten! That would have been my favorite part too, Gracie girl!

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