Sunday, March 20, 2016

QAYG Herringbone Lap Quilt

 This is really the first quilt that I have played around with the trendy modern quilter's "rainbow effect". The part that took the longest in this quilt was getting all of the fabric pieces laid out the way that I wanted it! I really need to take the time to make a design board (but that's time I could be sewing!!)

The pattern is Maureen Cracknell's QAYG Herringbone Quilt. I made it from her new Craftsy class.
The fabric is mainly Lizzy House's The Lovely Hunt fabric collection.

I'd love to tell you more :) In fact...I decided to start VLOGGING on my YouTube channel (Sew Illuminated) as a way to share my projects and my passion for sewing and design. Feel free to check out my video! :)

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