Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Floral Dress

I can't believe October is almost at a close. I bought this fabric and started this dress back in September. I put it to the side originally because I was trying to finish it before the American Sewing Expo and I ended up having tension problems on my serger. I was in a really frustrated state of mind so I ended up tossing this in my craft closet and didn't get it out again until last week. Since I thought this fabric represented the colors of fall well I was determined to get it finished to wear in its proper season.

This is an Art Gallery Knit. It is from Jeni Baker's line, Curiosities. I absolutely adore her design. It is hard to find a floral in these sort of fall colors, most floral prints come in more of a spring colorway (understandably). I really like the Art Gallery knit fabrics. They are soft and warm, perfect for the colder season approaching! I have grown fond of sewing knits because I love to wear knits. And even though I wasn't too happy with my serger when I first picked up this project, I love sewing knits on the serger. But honestly, I think the reason why I (and many others) get so frustrated with their sergers is because they don't take the time to read their manual or any other sort of training. Something goes wrong and then they just randomly adjust the dials, praying for a miracle (at least that's my own experience!LOL). I actually downloaded the Craftsy class, Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques and it really helped me to understand how my serger works. I was able to fix my tension problem on the first try after watching a couple of the instructor's lessons. I would definitely recommend the class!

The pattern for this dress is Butterick 6096. The instructions were clear and simple. The only technique that I did differently was  the finishing of the neckline. The pattern wanted me to just turn the edge in and sew. I did that on another knit top and it made the neckline really droopy. So I used a tutorial off of Threads:

It is a interesting technique, and I loved the way my neckline turned out! I like this pattern. It comes in many different variations, including short sleeved. I can see myself making more clothes from this one!


  1. Super cute! Would love to try this in a wool jersey for winter. And maybe modify with a v-neck. But that would be a tricky new thing for me.

    1. I love those ideas! I've never tried changing a neckline either. Let me know how it goes!