Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tops for Gracie :)

Let's start out with a background story...
I met my friend, Michelle, our first semester of college. I was finally out of high school and embarking on my first life journey sans the parental units. High school was full of insecurity and introversion and I was determined to make some new friends in college. Enter, Michelle...she sat next to me in one of my classes the first week of class. I introduced myself and shook her hand (haha, pretty sure this is the only time in my life that I not only took the initiative but added a nice, awkward handshake to top it off). We talked and the rest was history! Between all of the Leslie Ludy podcasts and jam sessions going on in my dorm room (when we should have been studying) we formed a bond that has lasted for almost 8 years.

Even though Michelle moved to North Carolina after that first semester, we stayed in contact and she and her husband eventually moved back to Ohio after college.  Fast forward to this past spring and she and her husband welcomed their sweet baby Gracie into their family! I got to meet this precious babe last week, and I am absolutely smitten with this mini human full of dimples and dark, wild hair. I knew I would love her way before I even met her. Michelle and I started really conversing again the moment I found out she was pregnant. So between all of our conversations and all of Michelle's beautifully, completely hilarious blog posts about her pregnancy and motherhood, I felt like Gracie already held a very special place in my heart.

Once I could not stand it any longer, I texted Michelle and said that I had to come see her and Gracie! So, of course after the details were worked out, I had my heart set on making this little cutie some tops!

I chose Made By Rae's Geranium dress/top pattern and made her a couple of tops ;) I love this pattern and plan on making more of these mini garments. I'm sure my husband was trying to avoid the "aw...cute little clothes...I need a baby" sparkle in my eyes while making these because the whole process made me a little giddy/nurturing/feverish.

Anyways, Gracie is the cutest little model and I wish I could reach through these pictures and pinch her little cheeks (I am sure she is appreciative that sort of technology has not come into existence yet because that is all that I would ever get done).

On a separate side note, if you are looking for a blog created by an absolutely amazing writer full of wisdom and hilarious anecdotes,  you can visit Michelle's blog at:

I go to her blog quite often to check for any new posts (can I admit to daily? Okay, call me a Mich Mash groupie). When I realize that there is a new one, I drop what I am doing and read that soul candy because I know it will instantly make my day better :)


  1. YOU ARE THE BEST. AND TOO SWEET. The dancing in your dorm room is one of my favorite memories ever. We had so much fun. I'm so glad you introduced yourself to me (I remember it so well!!!) and that you're my friend and Gracie will grow up knowing you! Love you forever.

    1. Love you and Gracie girl forever too!!

  2. Mish Mash groupies unite!!! :)