Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Summer Dress

I've learned not to try and sew a garment on a deadline. I always get these wild ideas in my head that I'm going to make this dress for this wedding or event and well, it NEVER gets done :) Most of the time I decide too close to the event and don't have the proper time to complete it or I start doubting what I'm sewing and drop the project for awhile. I have a little bit of sewing (and crafting) ADD...I have so many ideas and start and quit projects on a whim. 

So the story of this dress, of course, was that it was meant for a wedding I was going to attend back in May. And actually, I finished this one in time but I didn't have the proper undergarments to wear it out in public! The skirt was somewhat transparent ( it's a light green cotton voile). And even though I bought a slip the day of the wedding, it ended up not looking right with the dress. So, I was forced to wear something else...that something else was also me-made and I have yet to share it here on this I might as well introduce that dress also:

This is made from April Rhode's Date Night Dress pattern:

This dress is also made from cotton voile, but evidently it is not transparent. 

Here is the dress I was SUPPOSE to wear :)

This dress is made from fabric from April Rhode's first fabric line with AGF, called Arizona. The top part is quilting cotton and was cut from Version 2 of Collete Pattern's Dahlia dress. The bottom is a nice, drapey cotton voile in which I drafted from my own circle skirt pattern. This is the first thing that I have drafted myself, and I am hoping to be able to design and draft more clothes! I am currently learning pattern-making so I hope to come up with some more self-designed garments later this year :)

I hope to update soon on the whole learning process that I've gone through while attempting pattern-making. 


  1. This is so cute, I love the pattern and colors! Great job!!

  2. Hi! I am putting a list x Wonderland fabrics blog hop and can't find your e-mail, please get back to me if still interested :) Thanks, Katarina