Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to match the fabric's prints at a seam...

Sometimes when adding backing to your quilt, your fabric isn't wide enough or you have to make a backing out of scraps in order to not be wasteful. If you are feeling a little ambitious and a little extra fancy, then you may wanna take some time to match the prints on the fabric at the seam. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so:

1) Here I am matching up the fabric at a vertical seam and working with the left piece of fabric first. For the left piece of fabric, I am squaring up the edge, being careful that I cut at the same part of the design all of the way down.
2) After I finished trimming the edge, I pressed back the edge by the amount of my seam allowance (I did half an inch because I thought it was the easiest).

3) Next, I laid the pressed edge over the right piece of fabric matching up the prints in the design.
4)After matching, I peeled away the left piece of fabric and marked a line where the left piece matched up with the right (I just used a regular fabric pencil).

5) Once my line was marked on the right piece of fabric, I ironed the edge of the fabric back to the marked line. 
6)  Next, I put the left piece and right piece together, with the right sides of fabric facing each other, and matched the creases from where they were pressed and then pinned in place.

7) Then, finally, I sewed the two layers together by following the ditch made from pressing/creasing the fabric. 

8) After sewing, I trimmed the one side of the seam down to roughly the same size as the other. And don't forget to press your seam open (from both the front and back) for a nice, clean, finished look! 

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